We train all our dogs with cats - here is a video of Crazy Eight (kitten) being a kitten and having some fun.

The erratic movements and behaviours are great for conditioning dogs to other pets in the home or which can be encountered outside - like a squirrel. So in this video there are a total of ten dogs, you can see the Mali (Vida) and two service dogs in the top right (Bennie and Kris) and then two police K9s Force and Hawkeye as well just out of site are 5 other working shepherds. When we received Vida she was reactive to the cats so it took some work and conditioning to have her adjust - as well it should be known that Eight (kitten) has a body guard the big 110 pound RCMP Police K9 that watches over him since day one. Vida has done very well to adjust and her training is coming along nicely - we will be starting with more toys and confidence building in her next step. Watch for more updates

MSAR trains world class service dogs - here is one of our Elite Mobility Service Dogs trained in partnership with Isreali Dog School

MSAR forms partnerships around the world to bring all of us together to provide the best service dogs to the disability community.
MSAR services offered: service dogs, therapy dogs, dog training, dog board and training, working dogs and family dogs
MSAR also provides certification for service cats
MSAR's head office is in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada and has trainers in most provinces and does provide service / working / and guardian dogs outside the country around the world.